Kepicker Review: Tools, Features & Pricing 2024

Kepicker Overview

Kepicker is a powerful toolkit for Amazon sellers, providing a wide range of essential tools and features to enhance their e-commerce success. With Kepicker, sellers can effortlessly compare products and prices across multiple countries, extract ASINs from Amazon pages, spy on competitors’ ASINs, and calculate ROI. This versatile platform also includes features like product-based information, fee and price calculations, bulk product comparison, stock fetching, and access to historical Keepa data. Kepicker empowers sellers to make informed decisions and grow their Amazon businesses efficiently. It’s the ultimate solution for maximizing profitability and streamlining operations on the world’s largest e-commerce platform.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by spreadsheets, confused by competitor data, and lost in the vast world of Amazon product research, don’t worry! There’s a new tool called Kepicker that’s here to help. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for success on Amazon. Created by sellers, for sellers, it’s filled with features to make your life easier:

  • Find profitable products in different countries easily, like a treasure hunter with a special vision.
  • Ethically spy on your competitors and discover their secret codes on Amazon (ASINs).
  • Say goodbye to Excel nightmares! Kepicker does the math on fees and prices so you can focus on winning the Buy Box.
  • Know what’s trending using historical Keepa data. Be the first to sell the next big thing.
  • Compare products in bulk quickly and make smart decisions faster than your competitors.
  • And that’s just the beginning! Kepicker has more tricks to offer.

Get ready, Amazon sellers! This review will break down Kepicker’s features, pricing, and power to see if it’s the perfect tool for your online store. Let’s find out if Kepicker can be your secret weapon for success on Amazon!

Kepicker Tools & Main Features

Achieve your business goals easily, quickly, and efficiently with premium features designed to give your business a boost. Here are the main tools and features offered by Kepicker:

1. Asin Extractor

Quickly retrieve all Asins on the current page with this tool.

2. Asin SPY

Active on the seller page, this tool automatically runs in the background, collecting all the seller’s Asins page by page.

3. Compare Marketplaces

Compare Asin lists between two markets to find the most profitable and suitable product.

4. Product Based Info

When you open a product page, get Roi calculations and other price information about the current product embedded on the page.

5. Kepicker Calculator

Manually enter source and target market prices, as well as shipping prices, to make your own calculations.

6. Uploader Tool

Compare products by uploading a file containing the Asin list to this tool.

7. Stock Fetcher

Get detailed stock data for a product with this tool.

8. Historical Data

View detailed information on historical Keepa data for a product.

9. Asins to Google Sheet

Send Asin lists you find directly to your Google Sheet account.

10. Product Recommendation

Benefit from an advanced algorithm that recommends a product with high sales potential every day.

11. New Product Options

Soon, you’ll be able to add the products you find to your favorite lists and include notes about them.

12. Wholesaler Tool

Compare UPC + EAN Listings, and soon you’ll be able to compare EAC and UPC listings as well.

Kepicker Will Offer You the Following Benefits

Kepicker brings you these 5 benefits:

  • Compare Everywhere: Easily compare products across all Amazon marketplaces.
  • Quick Asin Fetching: Get Asins faster than other extensions, saving you time.
  • Dual Store Comparison: Compare Asin lists between two stores for better insights.
  • Efficient Search Results: Quickly fetch Asins directly from search results.
  • Discover Competitors: Identify and explore sellers competing with your products.

Kepicker Pricing

Are you ready for an enhanced Amazon experience? Explore our thoughtfully crafted plans designed to elevate and expand your business. Take advantage of exclusive affordable prices available only during the beta period! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to supercharge your Amazon journey at a budget-friendly cost.

Free Plan:

$0 Monthly

  • No Keepa Historical Data.
  • Asin Spy + Asin Extractor
  • Product Based Info
    (Limited to 20 Products – for once)
  • Uploader Tool
  • Compare Marketplaces
    (Limited to 10 Products – for once)


$20 Monthly

  • Access to Historical Data with user’s Keepa Token
  • Asin Spy + Asin Extractor
  • Product Based Info
    (Limited to 400 Products – per day)
  • Uploader Tool
  • Compare Marketplaces
    (Limited to 50 Products – per day)


$50 Monthly

  • Access to Historical Keepa Data
  • Asin Spy + Asin Extractor
  • Product Based Info
    (Limited to 400 Products – per day)
  • Uploader Tool
  • Compare Marketplaces
    (Limited to 10K Products – per month)
  • Extra tokens can be purchased.


$100 Monthly

  • Access to Historical Keepa Data
  • Asin Spy + Asin Extractor
  • Product Based Info
    (Limited to 400 Products – per day)
  • Uploader Tool
  • Compare Marketplaces
    (Limited to 25K Products – per month)
  • Extra tokens can be purchased.
  • Store protection


Elevate your Amazon Marketplace game with the powerful suite of Kepicker Tools. Seamlessly compare and filter prices to optimize your product offerings, ultimately boosting your revenue. As the latest software in its class, Kepicker stands out with its exceptional design and business value. Start growing your earnings effortlessly—a great way to enhance your profitability without investing excessive time and money. Embrace the future of efficient and effective business management with Kepicker!