Google Rolls Out November 2023 Core SEO Update: Highlights

In a significant move, Google has commenced the rollout of its November 2023 core update, marking the second major alteration to its search algorithm within just a few months.

This November 2023 core update release by Google comes as the company’s second major update in a relatively short timeframe, a rather uncommon occurrence. If your website experiences any impact, it’s advisable to consult Google’s recently updated core update guidelines for valuable insights.

Google Unveils November 2023 Core Update:

Google has officially introduced its November 2023 core update, with the implementation process set to unfold over the upcoming weeks.

Core updates are routine adjustments to the algorithms underpinning Google’s search results, aimed at enhancing the relevance and quality of displayed web pages for various search queries. Although the core system targeted by this update differs from the previous month’s alteration, Google’s guidance regarding core updates remains consistent.

This latest core update follows closely on the heels of the October 2023 core update, an unusual occurrence since core updates are typically spaced out every one to two months. Google emphasizes that the majority of website owners may not need to make extensive modifications in response to core updates.

For most creators who have already been dedicated to producing valuable, reliable, and user-centric content, there may be no immediate action required. Nevertheless, Google encourages website owners to review their core update guidance if they observe any fluctuations in traffic or rankings. Prioritizing high-quality, helpful content is consistently recommended.

Google’s Core Update Q&A:

To shed light on how search updates function, Google has released an updated Q&A, addressing common inquiries:

  • Core updates differ from Google’s ranking systems, as they adjust the algorithms, whereas ranking systems generate search results.
  • Although thousands of updates occur annually, only a select few notable ones are publicly announced.
  • If a website is impacted by a core update, it doesn’t necessarily indicate a penalty for spam. Non-spam-related issues may be the root cause.
  • Google endeavors to avoid major update releases during the bustling holiday shopping season, although this isn’t always feasible.
  • For those encountering significant changes in their website’s performance around core update releases, Google suggests posting questions in the Google Search Central community forums. Google’s search specialists actively monitor these forums to identify potential issues stemming from update releases.

In Summary

Google has commenced the rollout of its November 2023 core update, marking the fourth broad core algorithm update of the year. This update is expected to take up to two weeks to complete. The previous core updates for 2023 were in March, August, and October.

The November core update introduces improvements to a different core system than the previous month’s update. Google’s guidance for handling core updates remains consistent.

Additionally, Google has announced an upcoming reviews update scheduled for the following week. This update signifies a shift away from periodic notifications about improvements to the reviews system, as these enhancements will occur regularly and continuously.

Google has provided a detailed Q&A to offer insights into the new core update and the forthcoming reviews update.

Google emphasizes the distinction between ranking updates and ranking systems, highlighting that updates aim to enhance the performance of ranking systems, which are used to generate search results.

While Google attempts to separate notable updates, some may overlap due to the frequency of updates. Google releases updates as soon as they are ready, without delay, if they promise improvements in search quality.

Regarding the timing of updates, Google aims to avoid releasing updates during the late-November to mid-December holiday season, but this is not always feasible. Updates are released when they are prepared to enhance search results.

For those who may be negatively impacted by a core update, Google provides advice, emphasizing that there are no specific recovery actions. A negative impact on rankings does not necessarily indicate issues with your website. Google offers a list of questions to consider in such cases.

Core updates are crucial for website owners to monitor, as they can influence a site’s performance in search results. Understanding when these updates occur helps website owners distinguish between their own changes and alterations in Google’s ranking algorithms. Keep a close eye on analytics and rankings over the next few weeks to gauge the impact of this core update on your site.

Here’s a timeline of recent core updates and other notable Google algorithm updates:

Core Updates:

  • October 2023 core update: Ran from October 5th to October 19.
  • August 2023 core update: Occurred on August 22nd and concluded on September 7.
  • March 2023 core update: Rolled out on March 15th and finished on March 28.
  • September 2022 broad core update: Completed on September 26 and had a less significant impact than previous core updates.
  • May 2022 broad core update: A significant and rapid update.
  • November 2021 core update.
  • July 2021 core update.
  • June 2021 core update: Although slow to roll out, it was a substantial update.

Other Recent Google Algorithm Updates:

  • October 2023 spam update: Rolled out alongside the October 2023 core update.
  • September 2023 helpful content update: Implemented over a 14-day period in September.

Additionally, Google addressed a bug with the core update that had an impact on Discover traffic just a few days ago. Keeping track of these updates is crucial for website owners and SEO practitioners to understand their effects on search rankings and website performance.