Best Shopify Apps For Ecommerce Business

With the help of the top Shopify apps, your online business can go from average to outstanding. Adding integration to your app is a great way to boost sales, improve customer service, and provide customers with a better shopping experience. The good news is that hundreds of apps are available in Shopify’s extensive app store that can help you expand your company.

Determining which of all the app concepts would be the best fit for your store may be an enormous task. Here, we’ll look at some of the top Shopify apps and how they could support the growth of your company.

How Can Shopify Apps Increase Your Sales?

Managing a Shopify business involves overcoming a typical obstacle: no matter how hard you work to improve your store’s sales, from upgrading products to creating engaging content, it will seem in vain. Let’s talk about Shopify apps. Like your sales force, they drive customers into your business and close sales.

However, choosing the best solution can take a lot of work given the abundance of options. Fortunately, Shopify apps manage many functions, including loyalty programs, email marketing, and review collection. They are your pass to more efficient operations and higher revenue.

1. Veeqo


    Large advantage: Handle orders, sales, inventory, and shipping from your palm.

    You can easily manage your business on your mobile device with the Veeqo app from the Shopify store. The app, which is optimized for both iOS and Android, brings you directly into the Veeqo ecosystem and offers amazing pricing and discounts along with capabilities for managing orders, sales, and inventory.

    Because of the Amazon relationship, you receive enterprise-level tools and services for a fraction of the cost, coupled with discounted shipping rates.

    It’s a robust, user-friendly tool with a ton of automation, optimization, and administration features.

    2. LEO – Mobile App Builder


      Big Benefits: Build a mobile app without coding in just 60 minutes

      Over 80% of worldwide eCommerce transactions occur on mobile devices, and the most effective way to capitalize on this trend is to develop a native mobile app. The greatest mobile app builder for Shopify is called LEO. With it, you can quickly turn your Shopify store into a mobile application without knowing any programming or design.

      LEO – mobile app builder allows you to select the ideal theme from a range of alternatives to ensure that your product looks amazing and sells easily. Then, by offering a top-notch mobile experience, push notifications, quick checkout, and in-app discounts, you can boost your Shopify conversion rate by up to five times. You can increase your mobile sales, engage customers, and convert more quickly with the LEO Shopify app!


      Judge makes it simple to gather and present product reviews, which can help you increase sales and establish credibility. Automated review requests along with SEO improvements guarantee a consistent stream of real input.

        Additionally, you may include reviews into the layout of your store by using customisable widgets. It’s hassle-free, transparent, and easy to use.

        4. Keeper


          Nearly 70% of internet shoppers never make a purchase! A significant amount of the budget was not used. The truth is that most individuals use their phones for daily browsing rather than actual purchases.

          Because they already have their credit card information on file, customers frequently begin their online purchases on desktop computers, add products to virtual shopping carts, and then decide to pay with their mobile devices.

          A customer’s shopping cart is synchronized across all of their devices using Keeper. Expect an increase in sales as customers find it easier to finish their purchases.

          5. Gift Wrap+Add‑ons

          Gift Wrap

            The GoodApps Product Addons app makes it simple for customers to find and add product accessories to their carts. You can make several product add-ons with this app and have them show up on the product page. Customers notice an option to add extras as a checkbox on the product page if they are available.

            The add-on doesn’t require coding and is simple to modify to fit your store! All you have to do is modify the content, layout, and package images, as well as make a landing page using the straightforward, user-friendly customizer.

            6. Warnify Pro Warnings

            Warnify Pro Warnings

              Major advantage: Provide clients with updates during the sales process

              With the aid of Warnify, you can design popups that will show up at various points during the customer experience, informing them of delivery delays, how long an order will take, and much more. By letting customers know about any delays or stockouts before they make a purchase, you may use this tool to avoid customer unhappiness.

              7. Kiwi Size Chart

              Kiwi Size Chart

                A great size tool for Shopify that makes it simple for clients to find the ideal fit is the Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender. With over 600 evaluations and an excellent rating, Kiwi Sizing guarantees that your clients will receive what they require.

                Its machine-learning-based recommender and intelligent-fit prediction provide tailored recommendations according to measurements and style. It’s a vital tool for decreasing returns and enhancing the buying experience thanks to customization possibilities and comprehensive data.

                8. Shogun


                  One of Shopify’s many advantages is how simple it is for anyone to launch a business. Beyond the basic bundle, the Shogun Landing Page Builder will improve and distinguish the look of your shop.

                  Shogun has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and is a robust landing page builder. It’s simple to use and learn. Regardless of your level of experience with design, this tool will assist you in creating a landing page that loads quickly and looks fantastic.

                  Shogun takes into account the amount of clients that make purchases while on the go using their mobile devices. They have a mobile-friendly page design as a result.

                  9. PushOwl


                    One of the greatest Shopify apps, PushOwl, notifies anonymous customers who have left their carts unattended at the checkout. It enables you to communicate with anonymous customers directly about the goods and deals, which may encourage them to return to your company. Pushowl automatically handles abandoned carts by notifying users via web push notifications when there are deals or restocks available.

                    10. Wishlist Plus

                    Wishlist Plus

                      Do you want to see a rise in online store conversions? You only need to look at Wishlist Plus! Wishlist Plus is a reliable app that is used by retailers worldwide. It increases the probability that a client will complete their purchase by helping them make a list of the things they want to buy in the future. You may start utilizing this potent tool in less than five minutes thanks to its simple integration setup.

                      To better target your audience and increase customer retention, you may tailor the wishlist function with the help of comprehensive APIs and event-triggered email marketing. Additionally, with tools like replenishment and low-stock warnings, your team can work with customers to provide high-touch service that boosts revenue.

                      11. Spocket


                        About 25,000 brands use Spocket, one of the most reliable Shopify apps for drop shipping. With the help of this software, you may locate quick shipping providers in the USA, Europe, Australia, Brazil, and other nations.

                        They differentiate themselves from their rivals by offering their clients quick shipment and fair pricing. Additionally, you can chat with them right away about your problems thanks to their round-the-clock customer service.

                        12. Appstle Subscriptions & Loyalty

                        Appstle Subscriptions & Loyalty

                          Using the Shopify app Appstle Subscriptions, you can offer your clients recurrent sales of goods and services. You may boost sales and draw in more devoted clients by making the most of recurring orders. Offering your clients subscriptions is simple when you use Appstle.

                          Managing your Appstle subscription orders is simple and can be done from your Shopify admin panel, which will save you time and streamline your workflow.

                          13. Fraud Filter

                          Fraud Filter

                            I’m sure you’re asking if Shopify shields retailers from fraud. Indeed, it offers a certain level of protection. An advanced algorithm within the marketplace detects and evaluates fraudulent orders, shielding merchants from chargebacks.

                            Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to take extra precautions to identify fraud. You may tailor a fraud filter feature to your online store’s requirements and business goals with an app like Fraud Filter.
                            The Value of Using Shopify Apps to Improve Shopify Online Stores

                            It is critical in today’s cutthroat online industry to use Shopify apps to improve Shopify eCommerce stores. The following are the main points that emphasize their importance:
                            Increased Capabilities:

                            Shopify applications enable your store to do more than just the built-in things. They let you improve the customer experience overall by adding features like loyalty programs, product reviews, sophisticated SEO tools, and more.

                            You can customize your store with apps to meet your unique business requirements. Apps provide users the freedom to customize anything—from creating unique product pages to streamlining checkout procedures to providing tailored recommendations.
                            Enhanced Effectiveness:

                            Numerous programs automate processes including email marketing, order fulfillment, and inventory management. This automation lowers the possibility of human error while simultaneously saving time.
                            Improved Promotion:

                            A variety of marketing options are available with Shopify apps, such as social network integration, email marketing, and SEO optimization. These resources aid in increasing the number of visitors, gaining their business, and keeping their allegiance.
                            Data and Perspectives:

                            Apps frequently provide extensive reporting and analytics capabilities. With the use of these insights, you may monitor sales, consumer behaviour, and other vital indicators to assist you in making data-driven choices.
                            Optimizing for Mobile:

                            Apps can assist you in optimizing your business for mobile devices, guaranteeing a flawless shopping experience for customers on smartphones and tablets, given the increasing significance of mobile commerce.

                            Top 7 Criteria to Choose the Greatest Shopify Apps

                            We reviewed the top paid and free Shopify apps in addition to the best free Shopify apps. We took into account seven distinct variables to present a thorough summary of the best solutions for e-commerce businesses’ requirements in 2024.

                            The most crucial elements that we considered when reviewing the best Shopify apps are listed below:

                            1. Usability

                              A good Shopify app should have all the features needed to solve the primary issues facing the business and improve the overall user experience.

                              2. Cost

                                The greatest web software should be reasonably priced and offer consumers good value. Ideally, the app should offer a free trial period or a free version so that customers may test it out before deciding to subscribe to a premium plan.

                                3. Consolidation

                                  Shopify and other e-commerce tools and platforms should seamlessly interact with an app. Ideally, using other third-party tools shouldn’t involve any additional program development.

                                  4. Client Assistance

                                    Software should have solid customer assistance in the form of helpful articles, video tutorials, and amiable customer service.

                                    5. Evaluations and Reviews

                                      Positive customer reviews and high ratings are good indicators of the app’s dependability and quality. One excellent approach to verify this is to read online reviews on unaffiliated sources.

                                      6. Performance of the App

                                        The website shouldn’t function worse overall or take longer to load as a result of the app. If not, it might do more harm than good to the company.

                                        These components have helped us choose the best Shopify apps that represent the goals and branding of each business.

                                        7. Safety and Defense

                                          Industry-accepted security protocols should be used by the app to safeguard user and store payment information as well as personal information.
                                          Ways To Locate The Greatest Shopify Apps

                                          Having so many options for apps might make the selection process seem overwhelming. Determine the needs and objectives of your company by taking the following into account:

                                          ● Sales objectives and the roles that can support achieving them (Machine learning? Improved SEO, perhaps?
                                          ● What do you hope your store could accomplish in addition to its default features?
                                          ● Operational requirements (such as scheduling and drop shipping)
                                          ● Marketing objectives and tactics to improve them
                                          ● Whether your spending allows you to get non-free programs
                                          Bottom line

                                          Shopify allows for the integration of several apps that can aid in the growth of brands by driving traffic to them, boosting sales, and enhancing their standing in the e-commerce industry. The best Shopify applications let you keep an eye on the advantages and disadvantages of your brand and provide suggestions for improvement.

                                          Even though there are hundreds of Shopify applications available, this list does not include them all. Instead, we have evaluated each app and identified the top ones that will specifically benefit you. On the other hand, you can search the Shopify App Store for additional apps.